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You can use our facility for your warehousing needs. If your out of room or need room we can store and ship from our facility. Even if you don’t use us for the blending and packaging we can still be your warehouse.


We can help with your ideas because of the knowledge and expertise of our staff. Even with your existing products we too may be able to enhance your products with new formulations.


After your products are formulated we can proceed with our lab experimentation. Before we go to production we make certain this formulation works in the lab. When we are satisfied with the formula we are ready for production. We have dedicated tanks, pumps and piping so as to eliminate contamination.

Personal Care

This also has an uplink to your personal care needs. These are some of the products we formulated for the personal care industry. We don’t package these products but instead we have physically challenged clients package these products. Please go to the uplink and read the remarkable story behind these people.


We can ship your products locally (within 100 miles) usually within 24 hours. Our freight rates are comparable, but with one exception, reliability. If need be, we can deliver same day. On longer hauls we will set your load up and get it delivered.


With the help of our suppliers we can package from quarts all the way to handling bulk, and also will be conscience of your specific packaging needs. We make sure of the correct pallet configuration to minimize crushed product. We also glue and shrink wrap to eliminate shifting. 


We have all the services mentioned plus the uplink to your agriculture products. We want to be goods stewards of the land so we advise you to look at some of the products we formulated in the uplinks.


With our capability to produce automotive products quickly we can easily have your product ready when you need it. Our automotive products are of the finest raw materials and we use only quality suppliers.